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April-May-June 2018 Phone 330-767-4345

In This Issue: Amusement Park Tickets, Shared Branching, Monthly Specials, E-Statements, Auto Exams, National Youth Month, Discounted Amusement Park Tickets.

We will have discounted tickets for Cedar Point, Regular Daily Ticket $49.00, Junior/Senior Ticket $45.00, Cedar Point Shores $33.00, 2-day Admission $74.00

Shared Branching-To find locations go to or call 888-748-3266, or click on the link on our website,

Update your email addresses: , , .

April Special-Youth Month 2018: Kids, stop in the month of April, open a new account, and you will receive a special gift.

May Special: 2018 High School Graduating members-stop in the office and enter to win 2 Cedar Point tickets that are good for any day this 2018 season.

June Special: Dog Daze of Summer-Beat the Heat, enter to win Baylor Beach tickets with each visit to the credit union. Tickets are donated by Baylor Beach Park. Please support our local community!

E-Statements: Receive your monthly account statements electronically with E-statements. E-statements offer several benefits over traditional paper statements.

They are faster than regular mail and archived for future reference, available 24/7 to view and print, earth friendly (uses no paper), and prevents ID theft, it helps the credit union save postage…Plus you receive a one-time $10 credit to your account!!!

Oops, I need to make my loan payment…you can do that anywhere with our mobile app. Go to your app store and look for us.

National Credit Union Youth Month April 2018: The Science of Savings, can you save for the future? Given the importance of financial skills, it’s important to teach your child the essentials about money. Children as young as three years old can understand concepts like saving and spending. Parents are the biggest influence on their children, so it’s up to us to teach them how to make wise choices. The five most important lessons to teach your kids. 1.You may have to wait to buy something you want. 2. You need to make choices about how to spend money.

3. The sooner you save, the faster your money can grow. 4. When comparing colleges, be sure to consider how much each school would cost. 5. You should use a credit card only if you can pay the balance off in full each month. Come in and start a savings account for your child and receive a free gift.

Regular Shares, with a balance of $500 and over, the interest rate is .20% with an APY of .201%

Share Drafts, with a balance of $1000 and over, the interest rate is .20% with an APY of .201%

Christmas Club and Vacation Club, with balances of $100 and over, the interest rate is .20% with an APY of .201%

Certificate of Deposit, minimum deposit of $1000.00, 6-month rate .40% with an APY of .401%

And 12-month .50% with an APY of .501%

APY=Annual Percentage Yield

*Rates subject to change without notice. Please contact the credit union for additional information.

Holiday Closings – Memorial Day, Monday May 28 th

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